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Check your vitals
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No blood pressure cuff, expensive wearable, or doctor’s office visit required. VitalsBot’s revolutionary technology measures 5 key vitals in less than 90 seconds using your phone or computer. Now you can check your blood pressure and other key vitals anywhere, any time.

AI-Based Health Tech

VitalsBot Step One

Launch VitalsBot

VitalsBot Step Two

Hold your face in the circle on the screen for up to 90 seconds

VitalsBot Step Three

Get instant results to share with your provider or track over time

VitalsBot's AI-powered, video-based software only needs a camera to measure core vitals within 90 seconds.

3 vital signs you can check instantly


Heart Rate

Perfect for athletes post-workout, those monitoring medications, or those with heart conditions. Your heart rate is one of your most important indicators of health.


Blood Pressure

For pregnant women, those getting treatment, or those diagnosed with high blood pressure, this vital reading helps a medical provider identify your risk for other issues.


Respiration Rate

Respiration rate can tell you a lot about your stress levels and other conditions. Your respiration rate is one of the most sensitive vital signs to changes in your health.

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