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Americans trust VaxYes from GoGetDoc for vaccine proof. Some of the biggest cities in the United States trust VaxYes. Get your digital vaccine card today.

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How to get a VaxYes card

In three easy steps, you can get your secure, digital vaccine card that you can use anywhere.


VaxYes Step One

Verify your number

Securely save your information, so you can add a booster and other vaccine records.


VaxYes Step Two

Upload images

Save your vaccine card. Now you can keep it with you wherever you go.


VaxYes Step Three

Get your Card

Add your card to your digital wallet, with a secure QR code for easy verification.

Secure and Encrypted

VaxYes uses AES 256Bit encryption. Your personal information is secured in a HIPAA-compliant vault.

Secure personal information

AES 256Bit encryption


Use VaxYes

Present your digital certificate as needed, anywhere. You can use your digital vaccine certificate for travel, concerts, restaurants, or any place requesting proof of vaccination.








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VaxYes Wallet Card
VaxYes Wallet Card

A Digital Vaccine Card with 4-Level Verification

Level 1

Digitized version of your vaccine card. No validation has been complete.

Level 2

Identity and vaccine card validation.

Level 3

Advanced AI Powered validation.

Level 4

State-level record validation.


This is our number one question. A level 1 verified certificate is available as soon as your request is received via our virtual assistant. Level 2 verification turnaround time is about 5 business days with our current volume of requests.

If it's been longer than a week, or you're not able to access your level 1 verified card by logging into the portal at gogetdoc.com/auth/login, drop us a line at [email protected] Please include your mobile number for us to locate and verify your request.

The central mission of our platform is to provide you with a secure way to consent and agree to share your vaccination status with vetted and secure platforms (e.g. CLEAR) to enable travel and in-person experiences.


At the core of our solution, we are providing you with consent regarding who to share this detail with and adding a level of trust and vetting around sharing.


We are also actively engaged with partners for integration into their systems so the VaxYes digital vaccine card can be presented at your discretion.

You can! Each digital record is associated with a unique combination of name, date of birth, and mobile number so you can have multiple names and date of births for one number. You will need to submit each request separately to have individual records created.


Then, you will be able to log in using the same mobile number with each family member's name and date of birth to access the online portal for each account.

This is very important. We take patient and consumer data very seriously. We've tested over 1.3 million citizens through GoGetTested.com and enabled the administration of thousands vaccines through GoGetVax, all through our HIPAA compliant platform.


We use secure SOC2 Type 11, ISO 27001 certified enterprise grade cloud communications to send and receive consumer communications. Once the verification and digitization has been completed, the consumer will receive an email notification (which doesn’t include any PII) informing them of vaccine card availability, and the ability to access it through a secured-through SSL, multi-factor authentication mobile-web experience.


Additionally, we employ HIPAA-trained quality control agents and medical staff to ensure appropriate details are collected for verification of the record before issuing a digital vaccine card.

Our goal is to make sure that both the digital and photographic vaccination certificates are both available to you should you need to provide proof to third parties. Vaccine card images reside in an encrypted cloud storage bucket using AES 256 bit encryption. We also use an enterprise grade, object level access control logging solution and framework to provide an auditable trail of access beyond the users access.

The vaccine card is connected to your digital certificate. The card is stored on a military-grade encrypted cloud environment that's HIPAA compliant.

First, please check that your digital wallet app is up to date! That might solve the issue.


Another common reason for digital wallet issues is a mismatch between the name that’s listed on your card and the name you used to login with - it’s looking for an exact match. If you used two last names, or a shortened form of your first name, etc., when you created your card, but logged in slightly differently, that could be the cause.


No luck? Try logging out and logging back in, or using a private or incognito session. Session length is short for security reasons, and logging out using the left menu will reset your login session. You can also try a different browser - i.e. if it’s not working in Safari, Chrome may yield better results.


As with all technology, sometimes turning off your device and turning it back on does the trick.


Still having issues? Email [email protected] using the subject line: Digital Wallet and we can help you troubleshoot further.

Absolutely! Send us a note with the correction to be made at [email protected] with the subject line: Vax Card Correction and we’re happy to help.

All vaccination records are held electronically by your state health department, and those records can be requested by a healthcare provider. The GoGetDoc team is working closely with medical providers to bring you a digital healthcare solution. Then, we will be able to request those records on your behalf, with your authorization. We can then help you create a secure digital vaccine certificate that's easy for you to access, but hard to lose.

Our medical review team and A.I. reviews personal I.D.s for level 2 verification to ensure the personal information match to issue the digital vaccine card.

Our mission is to make it easy and secure way for people to get a digital vaccine card.

We are working with many companies to integrate the VaxYes card into more systems. Stay tuned!

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