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How the SymptomBot Checker Works

You have questions about your symptoms, so you need answers now. And it needs to be easy. Trust SymptomBot.


SymptomBot Step One

Search symptoms

The SymptomBot AI reviews over 1,200 symptoms. So, tell us exactly how you're feeling.


SymptomBot Step Two

Answer questions

Each symptom is different. SymptomBot AI will ask questions based on your situation.


SymptomBot Step Three

Get results

Be empowered to take the best next steps for your health, with conditions covered from Acne to Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

Benefits of SymptomBot



Be empowered to take the best next steps for your health, with over 800 conditions included in results.



Don't endlessly search for answers on Google that are not specific to your needs. Get the answers for how you are feeling, right now.



SymptomBot is available 24/7 from any device. No wait times, no doctor's appointments necessary.

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What our members say about SymptomBot

"I thought I was experiencing coronavirus symptoms. GoGetDoc made it easy to know if I needed to get tested."

Stacey, Texas

Here's why you can trust SymptomBot



Symptom engine accuracy as confirmed by cases from leading journals such as BMJ, NEJM, and JAMA.


$18 Billion

In healthcare savings per year when patients are led to proper care.



Hours of physician input to develop and continuously refine SymptomBot.


SymptomBot gives results with 93% accuracy and can help you narrow down what might be wrong and what your next course of action should be to get the care you need. However, it is not a diagnosis and does not qualify as a medical opinion. You should not use SymptomBot for emergencies. In case of emergency, call your local emergency number.


Your SymptomBot information is secured in GoGetDoc's HIPAA compliant environment. You can see more information in our privacy policy.

One of the core purposes of SymptomBot is to get trusted answers, fast. The average result time for GoGetDoc members is 90 seconds.


Instead of spending lots of time reading complex articles not personalized to your situation, you only need to answer a few simple yes or no questions about your symptoms. The average SymptomBot symptom check provides results after 14 personalized questions.

A SymptomBot result is not a diagnosis and it does not qualify as a medical opinion. SymptomBot leverages artificial intelligence, data science experts, and physicians to assess more than 1,500 symptoms and 800 conditions.

One of your benefits of using SymptomBot by GoGetDoc is the connection to a full range of care. If your symptoms are tied to a condition that can be improved with prescriptions or prescription refills, diagnostic tests, or diagnosis, GoGetDoc telehealth is an additional click away.


Our provider network has delivered over 500,000 telehealth visits, so you can get the best telehealth services.

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