March 04th, 2020

How Infermedica helps GoGetDoc members with their symptom questions

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Bay Area digital healthcare platform GoGetDoc and VC-backed digital triage tech company Infermedica together launched SymptomBot, a healthcare service backed by AI and machine learning that provides an instant symptom analysis and triage recommendation, the two companies announced Thursday. To date, Infermedica’s technology has been used for more than 10 million digital symptom checks with 93% accuracy.


“We have all tried searching our own symptoms on the internet and gone down rabbit holes that not only lack accurate answers, but further our anxieties and uncertainties,” said GoGetDoc CEO Mohammad Gaber. “We have partnered with Infermedica to ask the right questions and narrow down possibilities based on real-time patient feedback, giving users a more accurate idea of what they may be experiencing. This is the first step in a more accurate, affordable and user-centered healthcare journey.”


In a healthcare environment where patients avoid specialist visits due to high costs and lack of access, SymptomBot offers a preliminary symptom check with an estimated 93% accuracy rate, guiding patients to the appropriate medical services. Powered by Infermedica’s AI and ML smart engine, SymptomBot helps to identify those who can self-treat, qualify for teleconsultation, need to consult a doctor or seek immediate medical treatment.


With patient safety always at the forefront, Infermedica’s technology is constructed and validated with practicing physicians, verified by authorized bodies, and respects patient privacy.


Infermedica’s research shows that one quarter of users’ cases can be self-treated or treated through teleconsultation, resulting in an estimated $18 billion in healthcare savings each year when patients are led to proper care through the SymptomBot service.


"Our healthcare technologies are based on an intelligent AI core, with a reasoning engine and one of the world’s most advanced medical knowledge bases of diseases, symptoms, and risk factors,” said Infermedica CEO Piotr Orzechowski. “These elements are built by physicians and scientists, studying medical concepts, who connect them to create our MetaBase of medical symptoms for precise and easy use by both medical professionals and patients. In their work, they use evidence-based resources, such as well-established medical journals and guidelines from specialized healthcare agencies. We also use external physicians’ feedback to improve our tools for preliminary symptoms analysis and triage on a daily basis. We are pleased to partner with GoGetDoc on our mission to make healthcare accessible for everyone, worldwide."


Following SymptomBot’s short and instant consultation, users can easily be seen or speak to a provider who can give a diagnosis and prescribe medication if needed through GoGetDoc’s network.


SymptomBot is the latest in a number of services provided by GoGetDoc, which include its VaxYes digital vaccine certificate service and Primary and Urgent care virtual health service, continuing to deliver on GoGetDoc’s commitment to create an experience that empowers consumers to find, research and use modern healthcare seamlessly.

For more information, visit www.gogetdoc.com and www.infermedica.com.

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